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Design Templates

May 1, 2018 Naomi Michelin 0

Design Templates One of our main goals was to create a site that has an attractive, clean, and cohesive look and feel.  We designed multiple easy-to-use templates to provide the functionalities and flexibility that content contributors want and need. The use of template pages allows us …TELL ME MORE

website redesign timeline

Website Redesign Timeline

December 11, 2017 Naomi Michelin 0

Rebranding and Website Redesign The rebranding and website redesign timeline is divided into five phases. BCC’s brand identity – its strengths and uniqueness – needed to be better defined before any web redesign project could take place. Of course, building the brand and redesigning the website is a …TELL ME MORE

Committee Graphic

Steering Committee

November 25, 2017 Naomi Michelin 0

The Branding and Web Redesign Steering Committee We established a Rebranding and Website Redesign steering committee, a working group comprised of faculty, staff, and leadership from all sectors of the College. Its members are: Chairs: Loic Y. Audusseau – Chief Technology Officer Diane M. Weathers – Assistant …TELL ME MORE

Design Templates

Content Strategy, Design and Development

November 21, 2017 Naomi Michelin 0

Content Strategy and Information Architecture A critical element of a website that is often overlooked during a redesign is the User Experience (UX). The UX is how the visitor feels after using your website. UX includes usability, information architecture – IA (how the content is …TELL ME MORE



November 20, 2017 Naomi Michelin 0

What we have done so far and why. Research Research and Select Branding and Web Redesign Consulting Agency. We contracted an experienced outside marketing and website development firm with solid experience working with colleges and universities and a strong portfolio featuring similar projects.   Select …TELL ME MORE

Plan Strategy Process

Our Goals

November 16, 2017 Naomi Michelin 0

From the start of this project, we set our goals high. We wanted to create a contemporary, user-centric, dynamic and inclusive site that is simple and provides information in a clear and succinct way. We were most interested in prospective student behavior and finding out: what our prospective …TELL ME MORE

New Homepage

Our Website Transformed

November 11, 2017 Naomi Michelin 0

What’s New? The BCC website is undergoing a major transformation. A little over a year ago, spearheaded jointly by the Office of Communications and Marketing and the Information Technology Department, we began a comprehensive reconstruction of the website. A redesign of this magnitude requires an …TELL ME MORE